My food journey

I have enjoyed being involved with food from a young age. Sailing around the world working on Super Yachts has taught me so much about respect and the value of food. Fishing mid ocean, gathering fruit and vegetables from islands and forests and then having the opportunity to cook for guests has been an exciting and fun filled experience.

Learning so much from the amazing people in far away places whom have shared with me their own food journeys, cultures and cuisines. Whether its been in fancy hotels, humble homes or beach kitchens I've always enjoyed learning and sharing with others the joy that fresh food brings.

We are lucky to find ourselves settled here in sunny Nelson where beautiful produce is abundant and it is here through Nourish Catering I would like to share with you my global experiences and energy.





Here I am squeezing out all the milk through the outer husk from the coconuts we found along the shoreline in the Marquesas.

The locals showed us how every bit of the nut is used, nothing wasted.  We baked muffins with the pulp, marinated fish for ceviche, made curry with the milk and the kids glugged down the coconut water. All this whilst the sand was between our toes and the breeze rustling the palms.  Everyone was happy! "Oh and we must have had some coconut rum at some point as well!"